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Catálogo700 Conscientiology Experiments

700 Conscientiology Experiments

A reference work on conscientiology, this treatise, with more than 5,000 entries in the bibliography, first published in Portuguese in 1994, presents the reader with the bases of the neoscience conscientiology. The author proposes 300 tests for self-application, dealing with topics of great relevance such as assistance, the theory of thosene (thought, sentiment and energy), and the theories of inversion and existential recycling, among others. The work presents conscientiology as the science applied to the study of consciousness (ego, personality) in an integral approach, with all its vehicles of manifestation (bodies), previous existences and attributes. The content being deepened and presented in a theoretical and practical way, so a reader understands the importance of this knowledge to their life. The science of conscientiology utilizes the best of the main lines of human knowledge: common sense, religion, philosophy, political ideology and conventional science; and is based on multidimensional self-experience, having consciousness as both the instrument and object of research.

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