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Penta Manual

What is Penta? Penta (personal energetic task) is an individual, assistential transmission of energy programmed for a certain hour in the day of the individual, directed by one or more non-physical helpers. It is performed while in the waking state and is directed to ill or deficient non-physical consciousnesses and projected persons who are intangible and invisible to common human vision. Personal energetic task is the most effective and only technique known and used by Dr. Vieira – in his approximately half-century of psychic experiences – to maintain the human being connected to their evolutionary precedence, the non-physical community in which one prepared for their current physical life. This execution of transcendent, psychic, projective experiments fits in an area of leading-edge highly para-technological consciousness research.
What are some of the benefits of penta?
– Promotes de-intrusion (interruption of negative influence by ill non-physical consciousnesses).
– Helps “earth-bound spirits” to disconnect from the physical dimension and complete their transition into non-physicality.
– Promotes the healing of non-physical and projected physical personalities, as well as the practitioner.
– Maintains the protection of the projector’s human life, as well as the achievement of super-health.
– Promotes a more structured ego in the practitioner. – Engenders the assimilation of new ideas.
– Cleanses para-pathological disturbances in the practitioner’s non-physical body.
– Calibrates the penta practitioner’s energies.
– Prevents the prolonged recess of out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Penta Manual explains the process of the personal energetic task in detail, and is packed with information on the dynamics of multi-dimensional energy therapy. It also provides step-by-step instructions on how, when, where and why to perform this leading-edge – and little known – assistential process that is a mega-challenge for the human being.

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