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CatálogoAutobiography of a Consecutive Personality *

Autobiography of a Consecutive Personality *

Experiencing Africa Through the Lens of the Consciential Paradigm

In Autobiography of a Consecutive Personality: Experiencing Africa Through the Lens of the Consciential Paradigm, the author presents her personal experiences in the African continent and her use of conscientiological techniques, showing the theatic (theory+practice) of theoretical concepts of this neoscience.
The author’s self-example of personal research provides researchers interested in expanding their knowledge on the subject the possibility of prioritizing self-evolution, regardless of any intraphysical difficulties and barriers.
Through personal notes of facts, parafacts and conscientiological writing, the importance of personal records for the creation of a database is evidenced, triggering lived memories, often forgotten. In addition, the author also published her research findings in conscientiological articles and entries for the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology, not only to assist others through clarification (claritask), but also to assist and expand her own personal investigations, which started with hypothesis of a cosmoethical infiltration in Africa.

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