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2, junho 2023 - sexta-feira

A editora da Conscienciologia.

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Consciential Hygiene

Regaining Homeostasis in the Consciential Microuniverse

Strictly speaking, there are no sick people, but ignorant people. Based on this statement, we see consciential hygiene as a priority. (Waldo Vieira) The author proposes that we regain our homeostatic pattern for intermissive reference, which is the maximum level of lucidity and dynamic balance of the consciousness within their evolutionary level. This pattern may be evoked and experienced by the conscin who is aligned with their existential program or guided by their most advanced existential values. In this context, consciential hygiene is considered the study of para-cleanness related to the binomial symdeas-self-deintrusion – the pillar of reeducationology. Without this tool, intraconsciential recycling become more difficult to consolidate due to a lack of self-reflection friendly inner environment.