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The Consciousness Itself

The book Will, the Consciousness Itself offers its readers a detailed conscientiological analysis of the will as a mega-attribute, and a tool for evolution.

From basic and technical conceptualizations for the qualification of our self-volition, among other topics, this work analyses: definitions of will; the nature of the will; historical syntheses; the relation between all the consciousness´s vehicles of manifestation; the interdependence of will; interconnected evolutionary consciential attributes; voliopathies; voluntary acts and intrinsic groupkarmic reactions and consequences; the qualification of our intentionality; evolutionary will and evolutionary rhythm; the volition test; reeducation of the will; and the will as a compass for our evolution.

In the beginning of the 21 st century, we can see planetary reurbanization pointing out to the necessity of a more lucid conviviality in face of the volitiopathic manifestations of the consciousnesses in need of assistance.

With this work, its author contributes to the reader´s self-awareness as regards personal responsibility in self-qualifying their will, particularly if one is to fulfil one´s assistantial paraduties.

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